Jodrell Bank - First light Pavillion.  18th November 2022 - 16th April 2023

All 560 star plates are currently being exhibited alongside the sound piece and archival documents at this incredible new building which is part of the Jodrell bank observatory.

First Light Pavilion

St Mary's Church, Slough.  23rd October - 11th November 2022

The 560 star plates came together for the finale piece at this beautiful church in Slough which backs on to Caroline and William's old house. Alongside the star plates, there was two live candlelit performances of the sound piece 8 comets, plus some of Carolines archive and documents from the Royal Astronomical Society to view.  

St Mary's church

The Royal Astronomical Society, London.  13th September - 20th October 2022

280 of the star plates were exhibited alongside the sound piece 8 comets which is presented as a four channel surround sound piece, the work was installed in the Herschel room and was available to see as part of the open house festival. 

Royal Astronomical Society

Herschel Museum of Astronomy, Bath. 25th August - 20th October 2022

70 of the star plates and the sound piece were on show in the vaults at the Herschel Museum in Bath as part of the Herschel 200 anniversary exhibition.  Both Caroline and William moved here in 1777 , where they lived and worked for a number of years.  It is where William discovered Uranus. More info on the beautifully restored 18th century townhouse below.

Herschel Museum 

St Laurence's  Church, Slough.  25th August - 20th October 2022

210 of the star plates were presented along the sound piece which is available via a QR code in St Laurence's church in Slough. Caroline's brother William is buried inside the church and both Caroline and William lived and worked in Slough for a number of years. The installation is available to see as part of Heritage days.

Heritage days

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